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Antwerp klopt Eupen en is weer alleen derde na rondje prachtgoals op de Bosuil

Antwerp beats Eupen and takes only third place after a round of beautiful goals over Bosuil

Eupen kept it exciting for a long time, but Antwerp kept the three points at home. Thanks to four different players – Samatta, Benson, Nainggolan and Verstraete – the team continues to progress smoothly in the lead. to Jenk.

In their two consecutive home matches, Antwerp would have liked to book 6 for 6, but after the defeat to Standard that is no longer possible. And beware: Eupen looks like a snack at first glance, but it has more points than Rouches. Bosuil’s side were hit, with four players retiring and the fans sitting at home, but they were eager to do their stunt.

It was no surprise that Brian Brasque left Fry on the bench. A top scorer or not, he’s been down for the past few weeks, while Samatta has been growing. Moreover, room had to be made for Benson, the wing in figure. Then 4-3-3, with only one man on, is the most useful. The most striking position was that of Jerkins, for the first time in competition since the end of October.

It was the first (shot) chance of the match for Nainggolan, as he hit a rejected cross. Eupen responded with a shot from Prveljak, after a failed pass from Verstraete, but Botiz was standing up.


The match went up and down, with Antwerp in control, but Eupen fended off at times seriously. The Oostkantonners knew they could create a danger primarily from the right, with left-back Vines occasionally swimming. They created opportunities, but did not end them. And it happened on the other side. Thanks to Benson, as the man of the moment said. In the last two games he made three assists and added another. On the right side he cut it to find in his left hand a silent head – between two legs. Headed into the dry 1-0 Tanzanian round.

Benson also wanted to score himself. You’ve seen it in previous games and now again. His first attempt was a failure, but five minutes before the break he came in and kicked low past Himmelmann. 2-0, Benny signed, as his teammates affectionately call him.

The perfect rest position for Antwerp, but one Siberian Kita stopped it. After a corner kick, the ball reached the feet of the Malian left-back. Benson couldn’t hold him back and was whipped into the goal simultaneously. A cannonball stunned the entire stadium. So he deserved 2-1, at the last minute.

loose in the intersection

Yubin was the first to leave the locker room with renewed courage, but that didn’t count for Nainggolan. The midfielder thought what Keita could do, I could do too, and pulled the trigger again. Bam the ball in the intersection. His third goal for Antwerp was another.

We thought an even bigger win was in it. Not long after, De Lati, who had already come close to scoring in the first half, took the lead with a long-range header. Nainggolan tried again by himself with an unexpected direct free kick, but it was over. After that, the opportunities became even rarer. Vines missed his chance, too, but he shot far.

Did anything come from visitors? It was a long wait, but yes. After replacing the home team’s top scorers, Njoi took the lead and easily put Prvljak alone in front of Botiz. The striker flopped and the score was 3-2 a fact. So keep shivering towards Antwerp, because there are still a few dangerous situations. But with a final effort, Verstraete secured salvation.

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