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Debut Sia Big 'winner' about Razzies |  Movie

Debut Sia Big ‘winner’ about Razzies | Movie

MovieSinger Sia (45) won three Golden Raspberry, also known as Razzies, with her directorial debut “Music”. The Australian was the biggest ‘winner’ this year. The organization, which awards awards for the worst films of the year, announced on Saturday which products will receive a photo.

“Music”, Sia’s directing debut, was discussed a lot before the print edition was released. The fact that her autistic hero was not played by an autistic actor caused her a lot of criticism. And now also three Golden Raspberry Awards. It is presented every year on the eve of the Oscars, and is the “crowning” of the worst films of the year. The film won the categories “Worst Actress” (Kate Hudson), “Worst Supporting Actress” (Maddy Ziegler), and “Worst Director” (Sia).

Borat Subsequent Movie Film won two Razzies Awards – both ahead of Donald Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani. Cool, because the movie also has a chance to win two Oscars on Sunday. The video clip with Giuliani, which was filmed with a hidden camera, caused a stir as he put his hand by the crotch during an interview with the minor Totar, played by 24-year-old actress Maria Bacalova. And so Giuliani won awards for “Worst Supporting Actor” – along with his cloud – for “Worst Group On Screen.”

The award for “Worst Film of the Year” went to “Absolute Proof”. In this movie, MyPillow pillow maker Mike Lindell explains why he made sure that fraud was committed in the recent US presidential election. Lindell also received a Razzie Award for “Worst Actor”.

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An overview of the winners

Worst picture: “absolute proof”

Worst Actor: Mike Lindell – “Absolute Proof”

Worst Actress: Kate Hudson – “Music”

Worst Supporting Actress: Maddy Ziegler – “Music”

Worst Supporting Actor: Rudy Giuliani (himself) – Porat’s subsequent movie

Worst Set On Screen: Rudy Giuliani and His Clouds – “Borat’s Next Movie”

Worst Director: Sia – “Music”

Worst case scenario: 365 days

Slechtste remake, Theft sequel: Dolittle

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