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Défi blocks a €150 million loan to the Brussels Housing Company

Défi blocks a €150 million loan to the Brussels Housing Company

The office of the Minister of Animal Welfare, Bernard Clerfayt, and the Minister of State for Housing, Nawal Ben Hammou (PS), confirmed the freezing of €150 million allocated for the construction of social housing.

Ben Hammou's government talks about “ongoing negotiations.” But a very different voice can be heard in the Cabinet of Labor Minister Bernard Clerfayt (Davey).

“This loan was not provided,” said Pauline Lorbat, a Clerfait spokeswoman. “The Brussels government does not intend to fill the housing company’s wells.”

This topic was on the Cabinet agenda last week, when Clerfayt was closed by the PS and an animal welfare constitution was not approved.

The meeting was then suspended and the agenda item on secondment was postponed to this week. Now it has been postponed again at the invitation of Clerfait.

Bad budget situation

Revenge is not the only motive. “This point has been frozen since December last year, due to the difficulty of setting the budget in the region,” says Lorbat. “The Standard & Poor's downgrade and the situation surrounding the Animal Welfare Code make things even more difficult now.”

The Clerfayt Government also points out that the previous loan to BGHM has not been repaid. Although he had heard elsewhere that a repayment period of only a few months was unrealistic anyway.

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