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IKEA Japan rents mini apartments for €0.77 per month

IKEA Japan rents mini apartments for €0.77 per month

IKEA Japan is launching an amazing promotion. In the Japanese capital, Tokyo, you can now rent apartments for just 0.77 euros per month. The apartments are – of course – fully furnished by Ikea and you have to pay depreciation costs.

Do you sometimes walk through small houses IKEA And do you think: “I can live here”? Well now you can really in Japan small house Move to IKEA. In Tokyo you can now order a door IKEA Rent a furnished apartment for less than one euro a month. It is a procedure by the furniture manufacturer small houses wants to promote. So many people live in Tokyo that living a little is necessary. With their small apartments Ikea wants to prove that they have the perfect furniture to make the most of a small space.

10 m²

apartments barely Its area is 10 m² and it is fully furnished by IKEA. These are small apartments in the Shinjuku district of Tokyo. A fully furnished apartment will cost you barely 0.77€ per month, plus depreciation costs.

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IKEA She launched the campaign, of which Blåhaj was her face, with some videos on YouTube. They also showed the floor plan of the small apartments. These are apartments with loft space, where the ground floor consists of a kitchenette, a sitting area (with a pull-out bed), a fold-out table, a toilet and a shower. With the help of a ladder you can go to the second floor, where the bedroom is.


The number of apartments is limited and only those with an Ikea Family Card have a chance to win a home. The leases are valid for one year, so until January 15, 2023. Ikea has set up special offices where you can get more information about the apartments.

Watch here a video with the complete interior design of the apartments proposed by Blåhaj: