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Delhaize briefly becomes Belhaize

Delhaize briefly becomes Belhaize

No, it has nothing to do with the Red Devils and the upcoming European Championship that will temporarily become Delhaize Belhayes. The retail chain wants to emphasize once again that Delhaize is a Belgian company through and through, and it is also mapping out more Belgian products than ever before. Two department stores will have the new logo on the front: the Wilrijk logo and the Waterloo logo. Belgian products are being put in the spotlight in other stores.

Delhaize purchases 3 billion euros of products annually from its 1,600 Belgian suppliers. This ranges from meat to fresh fruits and vegetables, cheese, milk, bread … the goal is to continue expanding the Belgian range.

Delhaize has always focused on the Belgian origin of its group. And the customer himself is increasingly consciously searching for products of Belgian origin. Its popularity has not been higher than at any time since the start of the health crisis. For example, Delhaize notes that demand for Belgian products will increase by more than 15 percent. In 2020, says a Roel Dekelver spokesperson.

At least 70 percent of the range in Delhaize’s store is now of Belgian ancestry. And this is what the customer appreciates, it seems. This is why Delhaize thanks its 1,600 Belgian suppliers by turning Delhaize into Belhaize for a month as a stunt. A win-win promotion for both producers and Delhaize herself.

“I would like to thank our 32,000 employees of Belhaize and I, our 1,600 Belgian producer, for their passion, excellent quality and taste of their products that our customers can enjoy every day. That is why we aspire to continue to increase the share of Belgian products in our regions. Every day the buyers are committed. We have to forge new partnerships with local producers or to expand existing ones, ”confirms Xavier Piesvaux, CEO of Delhaize, now under the banner of Ahold.

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Delhaize briefly becomes Belhaize

Roel Dikelfer says the Belgian producers will be in the spotlight throughout May. In the stores themselves, these products will be put up and they will be clearly stated on the package and on store shelves that they are a Belgian product. Many customers don’t always realize this.

Two stores will also temporarily receive a new logo: the Wilrijk logo and the Waterloo logo. In June, these Belhaizes will simply become Delhaize again.