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Fairlinden: 'Pandemic law can be a response to sanctions'

Fairlinden: ‘Pandemic law can be a response to sanctions’

Only on May 18 will it become clear whether the appeals court is following up with a Brussels interim relief judge in her conviction of the Belgian state over the lack of a pandemic law. Interior Minister Anneliese Verlinden (CD&V) says that with the bill being presented, there are no longer any sanctions.

The Brussels Court of Appeals decided to reopen discussions on the legality of the COVID measures on May 18. Accordingly, the court will not make a decision before Friday, April 30, the date on which the period granted by the State Court of First Instance to “ put an end to what appears to be illegality resulting from measures restricting freedoms ” will expire. . ‘.

In her response, Minister Verlinden referred to the advice of the Council of State on Saturday regarding the latest ministerial decision that had been taken. The Legislation Department of the State Council confirms in this that the Minister of Interior is already empowered to take measures on the basis of the law relating to the police function, the civil protection law and the civil security law.

This means that, in the meantime, Corona’s procedures will remain in effect, and therefore nothing will change with regard to implementation, according to the minister. Verlinden also notes that submitting the pandemic bill to parliament avoids the penalties imposed by the first instance court if the necessary measures are not taken by April 30th to end the alleged illegality. This law, which will be explained and discussed in Parliament tomorrow, as well as the recent advice of the State Council, may be an answer to the chief of the court of first instance so that fines are not paid. Arise as a result of this. Minister Verlinden wrote in her response.

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The new pandemic law should provide the new legal basis for Corona’s actions, however It is almost impossible for this law to be approved by Parliament before the end of this week. After all, it will be discussed for the first time in the Home Affairs Committee on Wednesday. N-VA leader Peter de Rover spoke this morning about designing a ghost, because he hadn’t officially received the script yet. Frankie Dimon, MP for CD&V, replied that his group had emailed the transcript to the N-VA this morning at 8.42 am. This, of course, differs slightly from the “official” filing of a text in Parliament. The text can now be published on the Aldar website at any time.