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Feel more important through Avans Survival Week

Source: Avens Vitality Week Working Group

Can you use a helping hand in the field of fitness and wellness because you do not know where to start with the most important place? Avans organizes Avans Survival Week in September. “It’s about relaxation, balance and substance.”

“You need more than physical health to function properly during study or work,” says John Dirks, a lecturer on the Life Long in Motion Research Group. According to him, this is sometimes underestimated, which is why he organizes Avon Vitality Week with a working group for students, faculty and university staff.

At a conference in New Zealand, Dyerx attended a symposium Healthy University. “I was inspired to set this up in the Netherlands as well. I immediately put the idea to board member Jacomin Ravensberg, who was interested. I started brainwashing with a team and set a date to organize the week.”

Do not eat only one apple
Dyrex believes it is important for Avans students, staff and teachers to know that health is not just about eating an apple and getting enough exercise. “It’s about relaxation, balance and substance.” Dirx insists: “It’s not vague, but rather very accessible.”

Avans Survival Week is built around the project Five themes. Every day one is conducted online and offline based on workshops and lectures. “In addition, participants can participate in free health screenings conducted by physiotherapy students.”

Move the challenge
Prior to Avons Vitality Week, participants can register Move the challenge. As a team you compete with each other to go as many kilometers as possible by walking, running, cycling, roller plating or e-biking. The team that traveled the most kilometers on September 24 will win the amount donated for a good cause.

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You can from today Here Sign up to participate in Avans Survival Week.