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Director Adel El-Arabi receives the Citizenship Award: “He is a builder of bridges between cultures and generations.”  Ltd

Director Adel El-Arabi receives the Citizenship Award: “He is a builder of bridges between cultures and generations.” Ltd

For exampleAntwerp film director and screenwriter Adil El Arbi (35) has won the 2023 Citizenship Award. The P&V Foundation, which awards the award, announced the announcement on Wednesday. The Citizenship Award is given annually to individuals committed to an open, democratic and tolerant society. The director is scheduled to receive the award on Thursday in Brussels.

“Adel is driven by the desire to show a world of open opportunities, far from the clichés of social mobility through sport or music. Culture is one possible way, but to achieve this it must be more community-like and more inclusive. For this reason, in addition to his professional life, he was committed towards young people for many years,” is how the foundation motivates its choice. “We see him as a bridge builder between different cultures, generations and youth groups,” said Board Chairman Jesse Seungers.

Al-Arabi himself says: “I am particularly against the mentality that says it will never work, because… why would we give up without trying, or after failing once?” He also couldn’t resist emphasizing that he shares much of his success with his partner in crime, Bilal Falah (37). “Who would have thought that two boys of Moroccan origin from Belgium would direct Bad Boys? And yet they succeeded. You have to believe in it and work at it.”

Bilal Falah and Adel Al Arabi. © WireImage

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The director responded on Radio 2, saying: “It is a great honor for my work to be recognized in this way.” “I’m very proud.” P&V also calls him a role model, but Adel doesn’t quite agree. “It is not my intention to be a role model, but they mean it in the sense that I always try to reach the largest audience possible through my films,” he explains. “I always try to deal with socially relevant topics. I also give opportunities to young people who may have more difficult opportunities to be part of a film or series production.

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Through the Citizenship Award, the new winner can support a project of their choice that aligns with the mission of the P&V Foundation. The choice was WAJOW’s Talent Factory, a platform for emerging talent in front of and behind the camera. A diverse group of thirty young filmmakers and directors can spend nine months developing their filmmaking and online content skills, with the ultimate goal of producing their own vertical short film.

The P&V Foundation was established in 2000 with P&V Insurance Group as the main sponsor. Since 2005, the Foundation has awarded the Citizenship Award annually. Dutch writer Geert Mack and Antwerp actress Reinhilde Decler, among others, have previously won the award.

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