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“You're so small, Eric, you can fit it in my bag”: The Soundos tsunami rages through 'The Smartest Person' and even silences Alex Agnew |  television

“You’re so small, Eric, you can fit it in my bag”: The Soundos tsunami rages through ‘The Smartest Person’ and even silences Alex Agnew | television

televisionThere were an unprecedented number of jokes and comments in the movie “The Smartest Person” and these mainly concerned newcomer Sundos Al-Ahmadi (41). Amsterdam’s loud laughter swept through the studio like a tsunami, surprising everyone. She even easily managed to silence howler Alex Agnew and referees Jeroom and Maaike Cafmeyer. Will this episode go down in history as the best of the season?

“Eric, you’re so small. You fit in my bag.” Eric van Looi had just provided the voice of Sundos Al Ahmadi when the brat immediately showed why she was such a phenomenon in the Netherlands. “Yes, I can merge with you twice,” the broadcaster replied sincerely. But then I immediately had a retaliation: “Let’s not try that, Eric. I don’t know you, dude. Buy me dinner first“.

It became immediately clear that this was going to be an unforgettable episode. Alex was also targeted. Pointing to his tattooed arms, Soundus said gently: “My husband doesn’t have tattoos, Alex. He simply went to the psychiatrist.”

After further introduction she revealed: “I laughed a lot and farted a little because of it.”

Comedian/Actress Obvious. She is barely known in Flanders, but that will undoubtedly end after today, thanks to the overwhelming impression she left behind. “We live in a time where people believe their opinions are important and sacred,” Soundos said. “I think a lot of people should keep their mouths shut more often. But I don’t do it myself. Yeah, I’m a total hypocrite.”

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The Dutch woman filled the studio alone and rallied everyone inside. Even Alex Agnew, in his seventh appearance, was frightened. “I have a feeling we won’t say much here today,” he concluded with disappointment.

“You feel Alex’s fear and sexual tension at the same time,” Sundos continued.

Soundos joked and joked, but he also won. © RV

Surprisingly, among all the jokes, Soundos also got some points, even winning the episode. Although that seemed more of a side issue. In the final round, Alex once again proved himself invincible. Although he initially confused Spice Girl Geri Halliwell with top model Jerry Hall, he recovered in time. Goodbye Amy Claes, who had to keep him down for two posts. We’re already looking forward to Episode 8 and a new clash between Soundos and Alex, who will hopefully recover from the funniest tsunami in the Netherlands.

look. Tomorrow Maureen Vanherbergen will join us: “She has to be careful”

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