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Discussion.  The president is no longer allowed to call civil servants after office hours: a good idea?  Does this rule also apply to the private sector?  This is your opinion |  the interior

Discussion. The president is no longer allowed to call civil servants after office hours: a good idea? Does this rule also apply to the private sector? This is your opinion | the interior

Federal officials may not be called by their president after normal business hours as of February 1. This came in a circular from Civil Service Minister Petra de Satter (Green) on the so-called “right to dismissal”. What is your opinion? Is the base a good idea? Does it also apply to the private sector? Earlier today let’s Our experts are talking. Now it’s your turn.

Matthias Vermeulen: “Sometimes I wonder where our common sense has gone. We all want flexible hours, but no: after that specific hour you are allowed to do that and not that anymore. Sometimes it is practical to be able to reconcile in the evening in order to meet in the morning Tomorrow. It is polite, for example, that your boss/supervisor sends a letter first asking if it is still appropriate to call. Does this also apply to the other? Because employees usually call me after business hours.”

Johann Fransaert: “Good initiative, but how on earth are you going to enforce this? Suppose I’m a senior salesperson in an international company. If I don’t respond to an email, text message, or call, I might as well quit because no manager is going to abide by this rule.”

Marcel Vanden Allende: I do not agree with this decision. The employee may still be reachable after hours, though not at 10pm, but it should be possible within a reasonable time. As the boss, you cannot know everything and often depend on your employees, then it should also be possible to contact the employees who are in dire need. Of course, this should not become a daily occurrence.”

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Guido blanket: “Anyone who does not answer the phone or answer emails will know during their annual evaluation. The lack of response can have an impact on the further career path, even if the executives do not write it down.”

Lisbeth Coppins: “Good agreements make good friendships. In this context, I will introduce the pricking system. Log in and out at a time of your choosing, on the understanding that you work the prescribed number of hours in the day. You will not be able to reach you before and after the ‘injection’. Outside these hours the person is entitled Having time without emails, phones or texts. Next day it recharges to keep working.”

Patrick Boltenk: “Could there be some freedom as well? That would result in a ‘duty to disconnect’ after hours and ‘duty to keep calling’ within hours. Work is a mutual assignment, not nonsense.”

Lynte de Brauer: “No one can force you to read emails or answer your cell phone after office hours. Certainly not if that’s your own cell phone! Do you have a cell phone from work? Clear agreements are then required. Why, hear what!”

kato de kok: “A good rule and a good signal should extend to all sectors. In my case, I agree in advance with my boss whether she can contact me. Never during the holiday. So good agreements are necessary, but one must have the intention to leave people alone in their own time. “.

Matthew Vangerven: “I think this is a very good measure and should be applied everywhere. The term ‘exceptional cases’ should be defined very clearly to avoid discussion. Certainly companies concerned with the welfare of their employees already apply this rule.”

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Pierre Boss: “No rules without exceptions will prevail in the end. As a result, the rules are ultimately no longer valid. Every employee is responsible for his own balance sheet and has the freedom to choose his employer and thus determine his career.”

Wesley Christians: “After working hours, employees should be left alone, also in their own domain. The explanation that the state should not interfere is meaningless. The private sector is pressuring people out. Modern slavery must end! It is always in the interest of the superiors.”

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