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Polestar charges the electric car with a 77 kWh silicon anode battery from 10 to 80% in 10 minutes – Image and Audio – News

It is not at all true that the CCS plug is limited to 350 kW. Most charging stations with a capacity of 200 kW or more have CCS plugs limited to 500 amps and 1000 volts. With this plug you can easily save 500 kW.

The added value of these powerful chargers is very small because almost nothing can use them and that is why you never see them. 400kW is slowly starting to arrive, but that only makes sense for a truck or bus with a large 800V battery.

Such a bus or truck could get 500 amps and 400 kW from this charger for a longer period of time, but for charging passenger cars, it's better to share the 400 kW of connectivity and electronics across two or more charging points.

Sharing power units does not necessarily mean you get half the power by definition. I'm not familiar with a 400kw evbox charger, but for example a 400kw supercharger from alpitronic has 4 100kw units. If the other person charges at 100 kilowatts or less, you can use the remaining 300 kilowatts. Or, if the other person finishes early, you will suddenly receive all four units.

The Tesla V3 and Kempow are doing this on a larger scale. They can share units between 8 or more charging points. Neither a 250 kW supercharger nor a 400 kW Kempower site can supply all charging points at the same time with the promised values, but since these systems sometimes have several dozen units, in 99.99% of cases there is enough power available to charge each A connected vehicle at full speed. load.

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