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Disney has big plans with the metaverse, patent pending - BTC Direct

Disney has big plans with the metaverse, patent pending – BTC Direct

It’s only a matter of time until Disney does something with the metaverse, of course, but it hasn’t materialized yet. Disney received a patent to create interactive attractions intended for visitors to theme parks.

Via your mobile phone

This technology will enable headphones-free augmented reality (AR) attractions at Disney theme parks. Visitors use their mobile phones for this purpose. Personalized 3D effects are created and then projected onto nearby physical spaces, walls, and objects in the garden.

this is patent Approved December 28th and the description reads: “A virtual world simulation in a real place”. It was originally filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office in July 2020.

What is metaverse

Metaverse is a term that contains many things. This is because the concept is relatively new and everyone can find a hook to hook their product to metaverse. In general, the metaverse is viewed as a 3D, internet-connected environment that you can access via virtual reality (VR) or AR headsets. Think the 2018 movie Ready Player One.

However, the technology proposed by Disney will bring the Metaverse into the physical world. In November 2021, CEO Bob Chabek said the company was preparing to integrate physical and digital assets into the metaverse.

“We will be able to connect the physical and digital worlds more closely, allowing storytelling without boundaries in our Disney Metaverse.”

physical and digital

A year ago, in November 2020, Tilak Mandadi, chief strategy officer at Disney Resorts, said LinkedIn Indeed he wants to combine the digital world and the physical world.

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“As we look to the future, new park experiences that transcend the physical and digital barrier and tell different stories are very exciting for us. These experiences are eternal, and guest interaction is both in and out of the parks. They are unique to you, but also social and connected. They are constantly changing, so there is Always something new to discover.

The happiest place in Metaverse

Disney has 12 official theme parks, you may have visited those in Paris, but there are also parks in the United States, Hong Kong, Japan and China.

In a way, the metaverse is a perfect fit for a company like Disney. Who wouldn’t want to get into a 3D Disney movie and talk to characters like Donald Duck, Luke Skywalker or Iron Man? In the words of Bob Chuck, “Disney could become the happiest place in metaverse.”