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IKEA cuts wages for unvaccinated employees who have to be isolated |  abroad

IKEA cuts wages for unvaccinated employees who have to be isolated | abroad

IKEA now distinguishes between unvaccinated and vaccinated employees. The Swedish-born furniture giant is slashing wages for non-vaccinated employees who have to be quarantined. The new policy applies to UK employees. BBC report.

Starting this week, wages for unvaccinated IKEA employees will be reduced when those employees are forced to self-quarantine. The new IKEA policy applies to UK employees. It is not known whether the furniture giant also has plans in this direction in our country. “Employees who have been fully vaccinated or people who are not allowed to vaccinate for medical reasons will continue to receive their full salaries if they are isolated,” she added.

“Unvaccinated employees will be paid according to our self-isolation absenteeism policy,” the book states. Unvaccinated employees receive just £96.35 a week (around €115.49). This is the minimum amount in the UK.

IKEA UK acknowledges it is an “emotional topic” but says the policy needs to evolve in light of the current circumstances. Many companies are experiencing significant staff shortages and rising costs. “We understand that it is a sensitive element. Interested people can talk about this with their manager,” said IKEA. The furniture giant has about ten thousand employees in the UK.

UK rules

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson reiterated today in a press release that data shows that unvaccinated people are the hardest hit by the Omicron variant. In the UK, people who have been vaccinated with at least two doses of the coronavirus vaccine are not required to quarantine if they have been in contact with someone who has coronavirus. Unvaccinated people contacted by contact tracers after high-risk contact should remain in quarantine.

UK unions are very interested in the policies that distinguish between vaccinated and unvaccinated people. In addition, they say the legal minimum amount to be paid is very low. According to the unions, workers are therefore forced to disregard isolation rules.

IKEA is not the first company to take drastic measures. British supermarket chain Morrisons has a similar policy. Even the US bank Citigroup goes further. The company will fire employees who do not want to be vaccinated unless they have an exemption or refuse to be vaccinated on religious grounds.

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