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Outrage over Kylie Jenner's 'too transparent' swimwear: 'You see it all'

Outrage over Kylie Jenner’s ‘too transparent’ swimwear: ‘You see it all’

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A few weeks ago, reality star Kylie Jenner announced that she has a new swimwear line, Kylie Swim. Many influencers experimented with bathing suits, but soon noticed that the fabric is very transparent and therefore difficult to wear in public.


For example, TikTok star Jessica Anderson tested a version of the new collection. Her conclusion is that she would never wear this because you can see everything through it. “I think the swimsuit is unique and a great cut, but if you move even an inch, you’ll see everything. Plus, the fabric is very sheer, so I don’t know how I’m going to be able to wear that carefree in public when everyone sees every millimeter of my body.” I’m very disappointed that this bathing suit is completely transparent. I don’t understand how they didn’t notice and I really think it’s a lack of integrity,” it seems.

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Same swimsuit, but Kylie Jenner herself wears it:

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