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"Picard" finally returns "Star Trek" to its old form

“Picard” finally returns “Star Trek” to its old form

Star Trek It’s been on TV for five years now, with new stories being published Where no one has gone before, but no one seems to know that. And that depends entirely on the sci-fi franchise itself. Star Trek: Discovery He only brought a dim remont to the living room screen in 2017, just like the unfamiliar animated series related. lower floors† And two years ago, not even Picard could raise the level of red alert from suspicious viewers, despite the fact that Shakespearean actor Patrick Stewart once again took on the role of then-famous Enterprise captain from next generation (1987-1994) creep.

first year of Piccard It takes you on a spirited adventure across the cosmos in 2020, with an old draft dog leading a group of young men, but it was more of a late ending than a new beginning. However, everything could change with the start of the second season of the series, immediately adding to the momentum, commitment, and spectacle in the first episode. When we got all of these unionStar cruisers in a staggered array hover in front of that gigantic ship of evil Borg aliens, at least a sudden glint seemed to have engulfed our screen: this seems – at last – on Star Trek in its old form.

Star Trek: Picard Pushes the cylinder aside and reconnects with next generation the best among Star TrekThe series, the series that gave the entire franchise its legendary foundation for seven seasons. Artifacts from it can also be seen scattered lavishly across the first episode of the new season Piccard† For example, the ship on which the old man was mobilized is called a stargazer, and they read from Spock’s diary, they encountered “anomalies” in the emptiness of space: you might not say any of that, but as for Triki’s voyage it is there every sign scattered about the ring Come home a little more. very bored Piccard From the lame excuse of others next generation– Pulling the veterans in front of the camera in season one, to the pure part of cheating space opera† Exactly the atmosphere that next generation In the main episodes of his glory days.

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At the beginning of the new season, we found more encouraging elements than just those Back and shape† Reunion with members Piccard-equipe was one with his new old acquaintances, so they must have been doing some things right in the past year as well. We also discovered more creative surprises, tighter scenarios, and more relevant ideas. Hopefully they continue this tale for the next 10 episodes of this second season, because of course it still has to be seen at this point. Make it so!

Star Trek: Picard It can now be seen on Amazon Prime Video.