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Ed Sheeran in court to defend his hit 'Shape You': 'I'm not guilty of plagiarism' |  celebrities

Ed Sheeran in court to defend his hit ‘Shape You’: ‘I’m not guilty of plagiarism’ | celebrities

celebritiesBritish musician Ed Sheeran, 31, was present in London’s High Court today to defend his song “Shape Of You”. Two other singers and songwriters have accused the Briton of plagiarism.

According to Sam Shoukry and Ross O’Donoghue, Ed Sheeran relied on the melody from their song ‘Oh Why’ for his own song, which topped the charts in 2017. The process will take three weeks. “Mr. Sheeran is undoubtedly extremely talented, and a true genius,” said Andrew Sutcliffe, attorney for the attorneys general. “But it’s also a magpie,” said Sutcliffe, referring to a bird that might act like a thief. He borrows ideas and throws them into his songs. Sometimes he admits it, sometimes he doesn’t. It depends on who you are and whether he thinks he can do it with impunity, the lawyer said.

Ed Sheeran and fellow songwriters Stephen McCutchen and John David denied all blame. That’s why the British singer went to court today to defend his work. According to him, he created the song himself: “It was a spontaneous inspiration.” However, his opponents try to show that he also sought ideas from others during the writing process. In other words: he often commits plagiarism. He also talked about his song “Photography” which is very similar to his song “Amazing” by Matt Cardell. Sheeran acknowledges that the two songs are similar, but says it’s a coincidence. “I have many ideas and they are often inspired by me,” the singer said. “That doesn’t mean I didn’t write those songs myself.”

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However, his accusers argue that his songs cannot be written “automatically” because he sometimes sends emails containing ideas to fellow writers. “This means that the composition of such a song was previously thought out and that there might be plagiarism,” it seems. Sheeran disagrees. At that time, he reached a settlement with the writers of the song “Amazing”. “But that wasn’t the case then Ed because he was wrong about the authenticity of his own song.” The lawsuits are very difficult, “he stated.” More trouble than it’s worth. Better get rid of them quickly. ”

Ed Sheeran also clarified in court that he has not seen any music from Sami Switch on SBTV. Sheeran admits he’s seen music from the likes of Big Narstie, Ghetts, and Skepta. The Briton says he has never heard songs from Shukri. During the said period, the singer also hardly used the platform. The Brit was very busy releasing his first album. Sheeran was also asked in court if he had received any tweets from Sami Shoukry. The latter was going to ask the singer, among other things, to listen to a new song. “I receive thousands of tweets a day. I can’t read them all,” Sheeran explains. Ed Sheeran also denied uttering Shukri’s name in one of his concerts. “I almost disagree with He shouts To do so, lest I forget.”

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Ed Sheeran himself went to court. © Reuters

Ed Sheeran’s other songs were also discussed during the hearing. For example, the Briton was asked if his song “Boy’s Dont Cry” was based on “Big Girls Don’t Cry”, the world hit by Fergie. The Briton claims that this is not the case and that he wrote the track in question alone. Gingerbread Man Records, Ed Sheeran’s private label, was also discussed during the lawsuit. The singer had to explain, among other things, how exactly he is looking for new talent for his record label. According to Sheeran, he mainly talks to others. The British singer also denies that he used social media to discover talent in the past. The Briton said he had also not been active on social media for a long time. In 2016, for example, he wouldn’t have used Twitter or Instagram. It wasn’t until 2017, after the release of his third album, that he started using social media again. During this period, he had not heard any songs by Sami Shoukry.

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Ed Sheeran himself went to court.

Ed Sheeran himself went to court. © Reuters

Ed Sheeran himself went to court.

Ed Sheeran himself went to court. © Reuters