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Do you want to use the electric car as a home battery?  With these cars it is possible |  Leader

Do you want to use the electric car as a home battery? With these cars it is possible | Leader

HLN . engineEnergy prices are rising. In some places, solar panels also fail because the electricity grid can’t handle their production, so you miss out on revenue. Do you think that a home battery is the best solution to store this energy? It is not necessary according to HLN . engineBecause you can often replace this home battery with… your own car!

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After all, many electric cars have what’s called vehicle-to-grid technology. This allows the electric vehicle – at least if your charging station is suitable for it – to not only absorb energy, but also return it to the power grid. The possibilities with this are enormous. Certainly because electric car batteries (with a storage capacity of 120 kWh) are much larger than the average home battery, which is 5-10 kWh.

For example, during peak times, say between 5 and 8 pm, when your food is boiling and the TV is on and the shower water is heating up, you can use the power from the electric vehicle. At night, during peak hours, it recharges that energy at a better rate. The difference between the two is pure profit for you. Or you can simply charge the energy for free at your employer’s charging station the next day. After all, the average electric car has a battery from 40 to 50 kWh, while the average household consumption is about 10 kWh per day. In other words, enough electrical energy remains in the battery to operate the next day.

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Do you work at home? Then you can really use your car as a home battery and store the energy from the solar panels in it. This way they can’t fail and then you can still choose whether to put the generated electricity on the grid, use it yourself for your home or drive it. The smartest charging stations and electricity systems are constantly calculating what is more convenient: storing electricity or selling it on the grid. This way you can spend your energy as efficiently as possible and make the best financial choices.

Charging your laptop via your electric car? This is possible with Hyundai Ioniq 5. © Hyundai

technology increase

Vehicles equipped with network transportation technology are currently limited. Mitsubishi, which no longer sells cars in our country since this year, has integrated them into the plug-in hybrid Outlander. And also with electric cars there are a number of models, mainly Asians, with this option. The Nissan Leaf For example, but also technologically similar Kia EV6 employment Hyundai Ioniq 5. Both cars also have an additional trick: in addition to the car in the network, they can also charge the car for loading. In other words, you can charge your electric bike, camping gear, or even another electric vehicle via a special intermediate piece.

European brands are also working on the technology. Volkswagen will start work on it for electric cars for the entire range (including Audi, Skoda, Porsche and Cupra) next year, and Mercedes is already offering two-way charging in Japan. with EQS. But pilot projects will also be underway at Renault and BMW, among others. Volvo and Polestar have already announced several partnerships with companies in vehicle-to-network technology. Quite simply: the chance that an electric car will settle not only in your mobile life, but also in your home is very high.

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