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Energy supplier Mega adjusts prepayment procedures after complaints |  consumer

Energy supplier Mega adjusts prepayment procedures after complaints | consumer

The consumer organization contacted Mega after receiving many complaints from consumers who received a bill from the power supplier with a higher provider than before. So far this progress could have been reduced by up to 30% in the My Mega Customer area, but to achieve an even greater reduction, customer service had to be contacted by phone. However, in many cases, it turns out to be inaccessible, and thus customers are left with an amount they don’t agree with, says Test Aankoop.

“We had a very constructive conversation with Mega,” explains Simon November, a spokesperson for Test Aankoop. The revised measure is set to go into effect on Wednesday from 6 p.m. If this turns out to be not the case, the consumer organization asks those involved to contact it. The Aankoop test also urges the Mega to stay on hand by phone for those who want to connect to a power supplier in this way.

The consumer organization emphasizes that it advises all consumers with a variable contract to increase what they offer, but it should be a free choice. It appears that “energy suppliers should provide this increase, not impose it.”

Mega has about 600,000 gas and electricity contracts, or about 300,000 customers.

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