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Dutch businessman Salar wins 'Big Brother': 'I will celebrate for a few days with this money!'  † Showbiz

Dutch businessman Salar wins ‘Big Brother’: ‘I will celebrate for a few days with this money!’ † Showbiz

A generation later, another “Big Brother” Dutch candidate won. The 27-year-old from the northern Dutch village of Assendelft was allowed to crown himself the winner last night, and can go home for €69,815. Thus the businessman takes it from the Dutch grace (35), which had to be content with second place. Flemish singer Christophe (30) had to leave home early in the evening and took the bronze.

Salar can’t believe he – after Dutch student Gil – won the “Big Brother” adventure. This makes him richer by about 70 thousand euros. “It felt surreal when they called my name,” Salar said. “A lot has gone through my mind. Or so I think. People told me I sounded crazy, but I don’t remember much about her. I know I hugged my mother, but don’t ask me what I was doing. (Laughs)”

In the meantime, Salar had some time to think about what he plans to do with his prize money. It sounds like “First of all, I’m going to celebrate for a few days.” “My residents are welcome too. During my stay at home I have developed a very good relationship with some people – like Noshin. I also want to celebrate my victory with them. In addition, I will invest part of this money, because I want to expand my online clothing store. I will stop The remaining amount is in the bank.

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Salar stresses that he is not only grateful for his victory. He also made real personal development. “In the first weeks at home, I had a hard time finding my place in the group,” he says. “It wasn’t me, so I had a hard time. I especially underestimated the mental side. If you’re sitting there 24/7, doing nothing…you’re holding yourself back so much. After a while you’ve been able to let go of that, Which made me feel much better. The whole experience has enriched me greatly as a person. I am a person who likes to be in control, but in ‘Big Brother’ everything is taken care of for you. Then you have to learn to let go of certain things.”

Turkish pizza

However, there are some things that Salar continued to struggle with. “During my stay at home, I missed my mother, my friends, my car, and Turkish pizza,” he says. “I also crave an appointment with the hairdresser. The first thing I do on Monday is style my hair. (laughs) “Although it seems unlikely that Salar will make that appointment early in the morning. “After my win, my family and friends and I had a party at the hotel where I was allowed to spend the night. I didn’t go to bed until seven in the morning, and soon after that I had to give interviews. So I’m going to bed on Monday. (laughs)”

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