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ER’s Carol turned down a very generous offer when she left |  TV

ER’s Carol turned down a very generous offer when she left | TV

TVWhen Julianna Margulies (54), of fame for ‘ER’, left the hospital chain at the turn of the century, the producers did everything they could to keep her on show. For example, they offered the actress a minimum of $ 27 million (€ 22.3 million) to stay two longer seasons.

Juliana told the Oprah Winfrey Super Soul interview series that the producers offered her $ 27 million ($ 22.3 million) to stay on the series. She told the talk show host that all of her friends said she was crazy for not taking the money, according to a promotional show for the show. In the interview that will be broadcast tomorrow, Saturday, the “Good Wife” actress contemplates her decision not to listen to them.

“I had a friend who read many spiritual books and I had just studied Buddhism. So I went to a bookstore, ran my finger through the books on the shelf and picked one, which is“ Awakening the Buddha in the Inside, ”says Juliana.“ At home, I opened up. The book I pointed to a sentence and closed my eyes. That sentence was: “I knew I wanted to learn more, and I didn’t want to earn more.”


Although the actress turned down the generous offer, she returned to the series in 2009. Like George Clooney, Juliana appeared in the show’s finale, which was broadcast on television that year. The series was about the employees of the fictional District General Hospital in Chicago. In 15 seasons, the show used to be the longest running medical drama ever, but Grey’s Anatomy has now broken that record. Juliana won an Emmy Award in 1995 as Supporting Actress in the Drama Series category for her role as Nurse Carroll.

Earlier this month, George Clooney announced that he didn’t think a potential reboot was a good idea. According to the world star, who played pediatrician Doug Ross, it is difficult to achieve such a direct hit again. “Ocean’s Eleven” actor recently joined Noah Wyle (Dr. John Carter), Juliana Margulis (Carol Hathaway), Anthony Edwards (Dr. Mark Green) and Laura Ennis (Dr. Keri Weaver). During the reunion, the cast members remembered and answered fans’ questions.

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