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Dutch juniors start World Cup in South Africa with 9th win over USA

Dutch juniors start World Cup in South Africa with 9th win over USA

The Dutch juniors got off to a great start at the Under-21 World Cup in Potchefstroom, South Africa. They beat the United States 9-0 on the opening day. It was due to a fantastic start. Then The Netherlands already had a 4-0 lead in the first quarter.

Proud faces on the blue matte during Wilhelmus, which echoed throughout. There they stood. Finally. The match with the most discussed, most confusing run-up started against a bad opponent. The talents of the United States, who finished third in the last Pan American Cup, were completely thwarted – and that is to say – the most enthusiastic orange. All the disappointments and uncertainty of the last few months led to a tremendous impetus to act in the first quarter.

In happy hockey conditions – not too hot, but over twenty degrees – the opening goal fell four minutes after the first corner of the game. Luna Fokke, on the right side of the keeper, scored the unstoppable goal. The United States was constantly hunted and did not make it above the center line. Eleven minutes later, from one of the Netherlands’ many attacks, Noor Omrani scored 2-0 after a good preparation by Maria Steinsma. In the final minute of the first fifteen minutes of that shine, Noor de Bath hit hard and effectively with his back hand.

Photo: Frank Uylenbrook

At the same minute, Zip Dick gave the Americans another room, number eight in the previous Youth World Cup. The HDM striker knocked from nearby. After a short break, the Netherlands failed to give a good follow-up in that useful first quarter. Opportunities certainly came, and it was very ‘no’. The variation of a corner – in which the orange was obtained six before half time – was not implemented properly. Too late or too early for the tip. Striking was just before half-time, in which the Netherlands got a green card because Dicklerant was ready too late in the attacking corner. So the sharpness is gone for a while.

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Temporary illness

Fortunately, it turned out to be a temporary illness. Because after the break, the Dutch juniors picked up the thread ‘normally’ again. Luna Fokke increased the lead to 5-0 with her second corner goal. Six minutes later, Rosa Bernick scored twice for a corner. The first attempt went wide, but the second was knocked down 6-0 by Dave Smolenors captain.

Fokke hit the ball again in the last quarter. The ball fell behind the line through the bottom of the bar so the Kampong midfielder had already scored three goals a day later. The United States, which had entered the Dutch circle only four times in total, was able to do little more. Despite the heavy rain, the Dutch juniors were still looking for goals. They came via Marleen Jochems and Mette Winter. It underscores the great start of the Netherlands. The next opponent will be waiting tomorrow (Saturday) and then the Dutch Juniors will play against Canada.

Netherlands – United States 9-0 (4-0)
‘4 1-0 Phoke (sc)
’11 2-0 Omrani
’15 3-0 The Benefit
’15 4-0 Dick
’34 5-0 Phoebe (sc)
’40 6-0 Fernick (sc)
’50 7-0 Phoke (sc)
’56 8-0 Joachims
’58 9-0 Winter