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Dutch Maxima on the 'magic' of being queen: 'Fairy tale does not exist' |  Property

Dutch Maxima on the ‘magic’ of being queen: ‘Fairy tale does not exist’ | Property

For the first time since November 2019, the Dutch Queen has been able to return to work in her “other” job, a special UN advocate for inclusive finance. A week and a half ago, Maxima traveled to Ivory Coast and Senegal, and on the sidelines of those field visits she gave an interview to Al Jazeera. About her work at the United Nations, but also showed her cards on more personal matters. When asked about her “glamorous and affluent life” in contrast to the poverty reduction she is doing in Africa, the Queen said she could not find herself in that description. “It’s also a lot of hard work and my life may seem like the life of a queen, but I have a very normal day. My kids go to school by bike, they all have a budget and we work really hard. Anyway, I have to use my attitude to improve the lives of others and that’s what I’m trying to do with it “. Maxima can’t be blamed for getting away from work, because less than 24 hours after leaving Africa, she was once again in Oslo for the Norwegian Princess Ingrid Alexandra’s party. Last week, she placed Crown Prince Frederik and his wife Marie at Huis ten Bosch, after which she gave a dinner for the diplomatic corps with King Willem-Alexander, before making a state visit to Austria this week. Choose hit.

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