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Dutch model Romy Stride's baby was hospitalized for four days: 'I was in complete shock' |  Famous

Dutch model Romy Stride’s baby was hospitalized for four days: ‘I was in complete shock’ | Famous

FamousMint, the seven-month-old daughter of Dutch model Romy Strayed (25) and partner Laurence van Leeuwen (29), was in the hospital for a few days. Now the little girl is back home again, but Struggle is terrified of her life. “It was so hard to see her like that,” she said on Instagram on Monday.

Last week the model was in Monaco for work. Something she said she had trouble with, because it was the second time she had traveled solo since the birth of her daughter. Suddenly something went wrong on Thursday evening. Strijd received a phone call that seven-month-old Mint was in the ambulance, wearing an oxygen mask. “Lorenz was with her. I was in complete shock and came back to Holland in the middle of the night.”

4 days in hospital

Once at the airport, Romy immediately left for the hospital. The family spent a total of four days there. Mint was eventually found by respiratory syncytial virus (RS virus), which is the causative agent of the common cold virus. A virus that can spread to the lungs of children and can sometimes have serious consequences.

“It was very difficult to see her wearing an oxygen mask and connected to all kinds of screens. But she is very strong,” the Dutch model wrote on Instagram. Meanwhile, the trio returned home. In the coming days, they want to spend time together to rest a lot and process the events of the past week.”

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