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Mathias Virgils Goes to City Council After Floods: 'This Shouldn't Keep Happening' |  showbiz

Mathias Virgils Goes to City Council After Floods: ‘This Shouldn’t Keep Happening’ | showbiz

showbizMatthias Virgils, 29, had to deal with two floods in two weeks. After a severe thunderstorm, the center of Sint-Genesius-Rode was completely underwater. “For the second time in two weeks, there was water in our private rooms,” Virgils said.

Mathias Virgils and his girlfriend Lynn van den Broek are busy renovating their bed and breakfast. The couple are currently converting Vergels’ parents’ old bakery into a bed and breakfast, but the floods in the past few weeks have caused a lot of problems. “For the second time in two weeks, there was water in our private rooms,” a “Thuis” representative said earlier this week.

Not be repeated

In an interview with Showbizzsite, Matthias now says he is gradually experiencing flooding in Sint-Genesius-Rode. According to him, the municipality can do a lot and should intervene faster in the future. The board must take action so that this does not happen again and again. I went to the city council with my brother and my father on Tuesday evening, who was busy during the flood.” In addition, the representative of “Thuis” said that the municipality, he said, looked down upon the problems that the residents had to deal with. Something about people who were in trouble. “The only thing the mayor could say was that they were working on it,” Matthias Virgils said in his Showbizzsite interview.

Lynn van den Broek, a friend of Mathias, also responded to the event. Together they spent hours cleaning everything, but unfortunately their house had some damage. “Of course we’ll report this to the insurance company,” Lynn says.

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