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Nederlandse koningin Máxima had nooit gedacht te trouwen

Dutch Queen Maxima never thought she would ever marry

Queen Maxima

Before meeting King Willem Alexander, Dutch Queen Maxima had never expected to marry. The Queen said this during a TV interview with Mattis Van Newkirk in honor of her fiftieth birthday. “It was very difficult for me to meet someone who would be as fond of him as I am,” said Maxima.

The answer came after Van Nieuwkerk’s question about a tale written by Máxima, which was written in Marcia Luyten’s biography. It is said that a friend of the Queen used tarot cards in her youth to consider the future of Maxima’s love life. She said she would meet a “special man”.

“I never expected to marry this way,” she said. “I thought my work and my passion were important. I had to feel good about it.” For the Queen, finding true love was a complicated affair.

Maxima met Willem Alexander in Seville in 1999, but it wasn’t love at first sight. The Argentine took pictures at a party, and Willem Alexander, who was there too, was initially believed to be a paparazzo photographer. “It wasn’t a good start,” she laughed.

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