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Prince Harry testifies of psychological problems after D …

Prince Harry testifies of psychological problems after D …

Prince Harry and Oprah Winfrey have completed a series of documents on mental health, in which Lady Gaga will also testify about her mental health problems. The new trailer shows how well-known and unknown people cast their hearts on the table. Just like Harry, his wife Megan Markle, and Oprah herself.

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13-year-old Prince Harry stands next to his father, upset at his mother Diana’s funeral. The picture appears in the video for the new series. Harry will tell about the psychological help he did not seek and find until decades later. About his upbringing, about his shock. His wife Megan and son Archie can also be seen in the part. “Deciding to seek help is not a sign of weakness,” the prince said. “In today’s world it is more than ever a sign of strength.”

This is the philosophy behind the entire series I can’t see him Hot and can be watched on Apple TV + starting May 21. The goal is to break the mental health taboo. Actress Glenn Close tells her story, witnessing Oprah Winfrey herself, as well as an NBA player and a Syrian refugee. The trailer also shows Lady Gaga shedding a tear as she frankly talks about shock. “I am not telling this story to myself,” she says. “I ran through it and sometimes people need help.”

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