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Economy Groningen | Hundreds of job applicants

Holtussen-Hyson, in Winnipeg, where hundreds of hydrogen trucks will be built in the coming years, has received more than 220 applications in recent weeks. The company recently announced it was looking for about 300 employees.

Reports suggest that the first twelve employees of Winstorm Truck Builder will be contracted soon Duckplot von Head Norton. It consists of six electrical engineers and six mechanical engineers.

The recruitment campaign for the new staff for Holtsen Sen-Hyson began a month ago. The company aims to employ 100 people by the end of this year. By the end of next year, that number should have risen to 300.

Since this year, hydrogen trucks have been built in Winnipeg under the Hysen label. Hyson is a collaboration between Holdssen Clean Technology and American Hyson.

Hydrogen trucks

According to director Carl Holdson, the aim is to have the plant built to be 100 percent hydrogen trucks by August.

Orders are coming in now. New Zealand, for example, has already ordered 1,500 trucks over the next five years. But transportation companies closest to you also order hydrogen trucks. In the end, Heisen wants to build 2,000 hydrogen trucks a year. It will lead to 1000 direct and indirect jobs.

Hyzone employs staff in small groups so that technicians can be properly trained.

In order to find suitable employees, the company stopped ASPR, a recruitment and selection company in Hooksand.