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The owner of the controversial Flintstone home in the United States is right: dinosaurs can stay

It was the result of a lengthy lawsuit filed by the municipality against her. The Hillsborough Welfare Committee also found that it had gone too far with the decor of the house where he had lived since 2017.

Apply for permission

But owner Florence Pong is now drawing the longest straw. He has reached a settlement with the municipality in which it is determined that he will receive compensation of Rs 5,000 125,000 and that he can leave his pictures.

However, the municipality has successfully ruled that Pang should consult on the layout of his garden. For drastic changes, she should Apply for permission now, Writes the daily San Francisco Chronicle

Having been there since 1976, Fong did not design himself. But he once said he bought it in 2017 so he could turn it into his own ‘happy place’. He filled the garden with toys from the Flintstones cartoon series and later had dinosaurs that he thought belonged in that series.


The municipality ordered her to stop working and sent a series of restraining orders. It was enough for the municipality to take her to court, even though it was written in large letters in her front yard (‘Yappa Tappa Doo!’) From the cartoon series. In the indictment, his “happy place” was described as “disgusting” and “a disgrace to good taste”.

Pong counter-attacked and sued the municipality. He said he was discriminated against because of his race. In his contract with the municipality, it states that he must drop the case.

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