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Ian McKellen gives clear opinion on straight actors who play gay roles

Ian McKellen gives clear opinion on straight actors who play gay roles

There is often criticism of actors that they should not play certain roles. came here Viggo Mortensen Also behind when he was Playing a gay character in his directorial debut drop And also Benedict Cumberbatch has been criticized When he also went for such a role in the highly acclaimed dog powerIan McClain Talk about this now.

The lovable actor, known for popular franchises like the Lord of the Rings And the X-Menin a recent interview about what he thinks Helen Mirren He was recently named as Golda Meir, the former Prime Minister of Israel. This sparked controversy, as Mirren is not Jewish. McKellen does not think this is necessary.

This is how McKellen begins:Is the argument that an atheist cannot play the role of a Jew, and therefore is it also true that a Jew cannot play the role of an atheist?The actor appeared as a gay man decades ago, but he has absolutely nothing against him when straight actors play gay characters and vice versa.

If a straight person isn’t allowed to play gay, a gay person isn’t allowed to play straight either, I suppose? For example, am I not allowed to scrutinize heterosexual relationships in Macbeth? Let me make it clear once again that we are acting. We are just pretending. This is our business

Despite the fact that McKellen is already 82 years old, he has not left acting yet. He signed for two new film projects: Schadenfreud And the Hamlet Revenant† It is not yet known when it will be shown.

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