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Live Six Days of Ghent: Gies and De Velder prevail in grueling team race |  Lotto sang six days

Live Six Days of Ghent: Gies and De Velder prevail in grueling team race | Lotto sang six days

This week, Kuipke in Ghent once again becomes the venue for the Lotto Six Days of Flanders-Ghent race. The Ghent Six Days is in its 82nd edition this year. We follow the most important news of the fourth day in ‘t Kuipke on this page.

stands up
points Tours
1. Lindsay de Vylder/Ruby Guess 238
2. Yuri Haavik/Jan Willem van Schip (Ned) 166 +1
3. Oscar Nelson Julien/Valentin Tablelon (France) 120 +1
4. Matthias Malmberg/Aaron Gate (Den/New Zealand) 105 +1
5. Fabio van den Bosch / Jules Hesters 166 +2

  1. 23 hours 54. Lindsay de Vylder: “If it continues like this for another two days, it will be difficult to defend the lead.”

    Lindsay de Vylder: “If it continues like this for another two days, it will be difficult to defend the lead.”

  2. 23 hours 53. We watch a lot. We make a strong impression and get a lot of points. This is the result, but it is heavy. . Lindsey Defelder.
  3. 23 hours 51.
  4. 23:50 Points race (T): double-Kopecky number. She doesn’t get it for free, but Lottie Kubicki got two out of 2 this evening. After elimination, she also had her hand in the points race. For the women, their first evening has come to an end. .
  5. 22. Kenny De Kitelli: “The Belgians are fighting among themselves, and we hope it does not come at the expense of their result.”

    Kenny De Kitelli: “The Belgians are fighting each other, and I hope it doesn’t come at the expense of their result”

  6. 11 pm 19. Who catches my attention the most? Lindsay de Vylder and Yuri Haavik give the best impression. They just have that little extra this week. . Kenny D. Kitelli.
  7. 22 hours 54. Team race: A small coup for Gies and de Velder. There’s a flame in this Madison and it’s exhilarating. The top players did not allow each other to breathe for a single second with one attack wave after another. Just under an hour later, victory in the prestigious Patrick Circo Memorial went to the impressive Frenchmen Oscar Nelson-Julien and Valentinapillion, who had already jumped onto the podium. However, Robbe Ghys and Lindsay De Vylder are also winners. They’ve beaten their fearsome rivals in a round and are now sitting entirely on the couch. Their lead in points is also impressive. Juri Haavik and Jan Willem van Schip remain in second place, and Fabio van den Bosch and Jules Heesters drop to fifth. .
  8. 9:59 PM The men’s team race has now begun. Track animals will spend an hour in the saddle. .
  9. 21 hours 52. Elimination (F): Lotte Kopecky! Right finger goes up in the air: There is no limit for Lotte Kopecky in elimination. The world champion is clearly enjoying the applause. Mark Cavendish offers her victory flowers. .
  10. 9:35 PM Ghent fans know the Pappenheimer boys. “Iljoooo” echoes through ‘t Kuipke and Mark Cavendish also receives a standing ovation. For now, women are in charge of the track. Naturally, a lot of attention is paid to world champion Lotte Kopecky. .
  11. 9:30 PM Track Cycle: The decibel meter goes up. Exactly one year ago, Robbe Ghys and Lindsay De Vylder put their track record together. Their 8’332 is also very high tonight, but with their 8’490 they are once again the best student in the class. .
  12. 9 p.m. 12. Mark Cavendish and his descendants visit Ghent for six days.

    Mark Cavendish and his descendants visit Ghent for six days

  13. 21:09 Team elimination: De Vylder +200 points. Koepke jumps right in front of the purple duo. Lindsay De Vylder arranges the team’s elimination and gets another 20 points. With Robbe Ghys he is now the first pair to cross 200 points. The cash register rings: De Vylder and Guess jump to the lead. .
  14. 20 hours 53.
  15. 20:50 Points Race (2): First flowers for the dens. Tuur Dens gradually needs several bags to carry all the prize packages home on Sunday. He won the second points race. Jan Willem van Schip realizes that the points deficit can’t be too big and is doing his part. .
  16. 20 hours 37. Points Race (1): One step closer to the bonus round. Lindsay De Vylder wants to get the bonus round fast. He has to leave the points stage to Michele Scartezini, but he is five points closer to the 200-unit limit. .
  17. 8pm 24. Mark Cavendish in the stands. Iljo Keisse is here again and has brought a special guest. Surrounding his former team-mate in the stands is none other than Mark Cavendish. .
  18. 8pm 06. Ready?! Kuipke still has to fill the spot, but the 12 pairings have clicked and will be introduced soon. The program looks a little different today. There is only one team race, but the Memorial Patrick Sercu race is the XL Madison and lasts over an hour. .
  19. 6:05 PM Special Olympics. Men adorn the poster, but tonight they want to make way for a delegation from Special Olympics and for the arrival of some of the best Belgian women among women. Lotte Kopecky and her teammates will appear in Ghent tonight. They will also take action tomorrow. Qualifying and the points race are scheduled to take place on Friday after 9:30 p.m. .
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