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Emotional ending to Twee Zomers: 'I cried out of pure gratitude' (Oostende)

Emotional ending to Twee Zomers: ‘I cried out of pure gratitude’ (Oostende)

Cast and Crew Before “Twee Zomers” Final. © efo


At the Ostend Film Festival, the cast and crew of the prestigious TV series Twee Zomers watched the thrilling finale with the audience. Director Tom Leinerts cried during the epilogue.

Edwin Fontaine

Many fans of the One . series two chapters Brave inclement weather to welcome the team to the red carpet during the second day of the Ostend Film Festival. Authors Paul Payten and Tom Lennarts—along with actors Kevin Janssens, Ruth Pickwart, FFO professor Quinn de Boe and the actors who played their small version—seen the final two episodes. The sudden ending caused a lot of feelings in the room. Actress Jennifer Helen: “The girl sitting next to me in the room was crying.”

Author and director Tom Lennarts also liked it after the show: “I’ve been crying for the past twenty minutes. Of course I know the ending and I look at it as a rational person, but I’ve been crying out of pure gratitude. Every time I look at it, it’s a journey of all the efforts of these people and how they threw themselves into the heart.” And soul. It sounds simple, but it’s the greatest gift you can get when people give up and show such weakness. Going to camp together is the cleanest thing you can experience and in fact you just want to organize your life from one camp to another.” 300 spectators are keeping quiet for a while, but you can see how the final two episodes of Sunday night on One evolve.

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