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Maxime Meiland marries his friend Leroy |  showbiz

Maxime Meiland marries his friend Leroy | showbiz

showbizMaxime Milland (26 years old) is married to her boyfriend Leroy Mulkenbauer (30 years). The photographer suggested an offer to the Dutch reality star this weekend. It shows the face of TV with a series of romantic shots on Instagram. Her answer should be clear: “Yes!”

The Instagram post collected more than 40,000 likes in just over half an hour. And under the message immediately rained down the heart emoji and congratulations to celebrities and fans. Maxime and Leroy met in France during the recording of “Chateau Milland”. At the beginning of last year they announced that they would live together, last September they welcomed their daughter Fifi. Papa Martin called “the first true friend” of Leroy Maxime.

Martin and Erica are already over the moon with their daughter’s wedding plans. “The wedding is scheduled for next summer,” Erica told Brave. “They are a beautiful, loving couple who have two adorable kids. They are really dedicated to each other. The proposal itself was taking a while, and we often tease Leroy about it. But luckily, it’s time and there’s going to be a great party soon! Expensive!”

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Maxime already has a daughter Claire (4), who she has had with a man who says she hasn’t “officially” thought about her boyfriend. He did not like the role of the father. Maxim initially considered an abortion, but decided not to. Martin thought his 21-year-old daughter was too young to be a mother and hadn’t spoken to her for about two weeks.

Three years ago, ‘Chateau Meiland’ was still showing how Maxime went looking for a sperm donor. Nothing came of it. After the recordings, Maxim doubted whether she wanted to get pregnant again. After all, she did it mainly for the sake of her daughter Claire. Maxime herself loved to have grown up with a sister Montana and also gave her daughter a brother or sister. This wish came true last September, with the arrival of Vivé.

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