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Environmental organizations sue the new Ineos plant in the port of Antwerp

Environmental organizations sue the new Ineos plant in the port of Antwerp

The international environmental organization ClientEarth, together with 13 NGOs, has sued the Flemish government. For example, ClientEarth wants to prevent Ineos from building an ethane cracker in the port of Antwerp where gas is converted into ethylene, one of the building blocks of plastic.

According to ClientEarth, Ineos has not sufficiently explained what effects the ethane cracker will have on nature and air quality. Environmental organizations claim that the Flemish authorities have approved the project agreed Contrary to Belgian and European legislation.

According to Tatiana Luján, an attorney for ClientEarth, ethane cracking is an alternative business model to keep the sector alive and to use fossil gas to produce plastics. “These types of projects have devastating impacts on the environment and climate both locally and globally,” Logan said. “The plastics produced in these facilities emit carbon dioxide at every stage of their life cycle.”

ClientEarth argues that “since the government has failed to disclose the inevitable harmful effects of the first project,” they have no choice but to take the project to court. Environmental organizations also reported that nitrogen emissions in the first project are still underestimated.

ClientEarth in this case is working with Bond Beter Leefmilieu (BBL), BOS+, Climaxi, Fairfin, Gallifrey Foundation, Greenpeace Belgium, Grandparents for Climate and Climate Case, Nature Conservation Association De Steltkluut, Plastic Soup Foundation, Recycling Netwerk Benelux, WWF Belgium, and Zero Waste Europe.

A request to cancel the first project permit has now been submitted to the Board of Permit Disputes against the Flemish Region.

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