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New teaser to restart "Dexter" |  TV

New teaser to restart “Dexter” | TV

TVThe reboot of “Dexter,” the popular series about a serial killer, has a new teaser. Since fans were very unhappy with the series finale, now the series’ makers have decided to try again.

Showtime USA will present a short series of 10 episodes in which the story of the popular series will continue. In the joke we see the character of Dexter for the first time. He looks a little gloomy from his window, after which he shows his typical scary smile to the camera.

Dexter’s performer Michael C. Hall returns to his role as a forensic investigator, a specialist in bloodstain analysis, who loves to kill killers in his spare time. The series ran for eight seasons and ended in 2013 with a somewhat open ending that was not appreciated by fans. Soon it was speculated that Dexter would return, but the ad makers have always said that they only want to do so if there is enough creative idea for a new series.

Hall was nominated for an Emmy five times for his portrayal of Dexter Morgan, and won the Golden Globe and SAG Awards for the role. Dexter was also nominated four times for Best Drama Series between 2008 and 2011, but each time failed to score the coveted statue.

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