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Everyone thinks of GameStop Just Leaked ‘New Nintendo Switch’

Waiting for the Nintendo Switch Pro announcement was strange considering the theory they’ll reveal before the E3 show ends, because tomorrow that means they’ll have to reveal the device all of a sudden…today.

But in the new list there are a lot of people who say that Jim Stop The new system called the “New Nintendo Switch” has been leaked in a recent announcement. But I’m not sure.

The ad is below and it has two console listings.


“An additional $50 credit when you trade select systems for Nintendo Switch, Switch Lite, or Xbox Series X/S.”

and then:

Offer valid on new Nintendo Switch / Nintendo Switch Lite or Xbox Series X / S systems.

Nintendo naturally calls its hardware stupid things like the New 3DS, so the new Nintendo Switch doesn’t seem to be a possible name at all. It looks like the first line might be a GameStop capitalization error, but the second line has no grammatical meaning unless “New Nintendo Switch” is a very apt name, for which there is no article. They also list the “Nintendo Switch” without the “New” elsewhere.

However, what surprised me is that this promotion is only valid from 6/13/2019 to 6/19. 6/13 is today and we live in a world where neither the Nintendo Switch nor the Nintendo Switch Pro has been announced or pre-ordered. Once again, to understand this, Nintendo has to reveal the new Nintendo Switch literally today.

We know that Nintendo he is A new device has been created, a 4K compatible converter with an OLED display. But the question is when are they going to announce and release it, and the longer it takes, the less likely it will arrive before Holiday 2021. We’re already starting to get into weird territory where Ubisoft’s Mario + Rabbids are on their show. yesterday Oh really It works fine on the Switch, presumably the new hardware, but that’s not explicitly mentioned. And Nintendo has already said that tomorrow’s show will be all about software, so where are we then?

The truth is no, Nintendo doesn’t do that Need New devices because current transformers are still sold almost everywhere. And it would be a bit strange to release completely new devices during a global component shortage, which will make availability even scarcer. But there’s something strange about all this, and it’s crazy to think that the legitimate theory is that Nintendo is about to make a new console announcement for us today without any warning. I don’t think that’s going to happen, but that’s where the endoscopy comes in at this point.

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