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Support Nintendo Switch Error, Error Code 2123-1502, Where does the error come from?

In the past few days it seems that there was an error in the key after the file Patch Update 12.0.3. This error is reflected in the file Error code 2123-1502, seems to have a huge impact on access to the console’s eShop! It was also difficult to update some games and download others.

nintendo I quickly noticed the problem and uninstalled the update. Then it was patched and can be downloaded again, which solves all the problems I had!

Error code 2123-1502 on Nintendo Switch

June 11, 2021 update:

It seems that Fear still affects many players. Nintendo hasn’t communicated about this yet, but the problem is most likely coming from the servers or from a recent update. it will be a duty Wait until the problem is resolved You won’t have any conversion problems anymore!

while trying to access Nintendo eShop You may have come across the following in the past few days: Error code 2123-1502, has concerns about your MicroSDXC card, as well as a message advising you to go to Nintendo Switch support!

This concern was simply because Update from NintendoThis resolved stability issues. This update caused problems for many players, and that was later Removed by Nintendo.

she was here added again You can now access console files Repeat this update ! this time, The error has been fixedAnd you should no longer encounter this error code on the console.

Bringing back this update should fix all the issues you had on your Nintendo Switch before!

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