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Fairhain changed after Paris Saint-Germain against Manchester City: "Guardiola's right" |  Champions League

Fairhain changed after Paris Saint-Germain against Manchester City: “Guardiola’s right” | Champions League

Manchester City sighs for the first time in the Champions League final in the club’s history. How did Paris Saint-Germain turn the tide from a seemingly hopeless situation? The answers are provided by analyst Geert Verhein at Proximus.

“It was clearly a two-faced match,” said Gert Verhain, analyst at Proximus Sports. “PSG was better in the first half and took the lead and City seemed unable to change that.”

“The City players don’t seem to be spending their day. Moreover, they played without a deep striker. We thought,” How are they going to score here? They don’t have a chance and come with very few 16 players. “

“But in the second half they changed it anyway: higher intensity and more roundness of the ball, which frustrated Paris Saint-Germain. Paris Saint-Germain no longer touched the ball and did not reach the midfield. The center circle.”

“After 1-1 we didn’t see any reaction from Paris Saint-Germain. The match scenario was already fixed at that time. That was 1-1 lucky, but PSG could still push 1-2, with that wall opened. Also. For. For a goalkeeper that’s frustrating. After that red card it was of course completely over. “

“Guardiola does not care about criticism.”

Pep Guardiola had already made bizarre tactical choices in the final stages of the Champions League in the past and it looks like he had to pay the price for choosing De Bruyne as a liar for so long.

“Pep already indicated before the match that he knows he will be commented on if City loses. But he doesn’t care about that criticism. If you win 1-2, you are right on your side.”

De Bruyne was somewhat a victim of Guardiola’s tactical choice, even though he was voted the best player of the match. “It was difficult for him,” Verhein said.

“He keeps getting the ball and turns well, but then he has no one in front of him to pass the ball to him. A lot of times his teammates pass, but that was less this time. Foden, for example, played a lesser game.”

As a liar 9, De Bruyne has no one in front of him to deliver the ball.

Verhein changed

“The greatest achievement: Neymar and Mbappe are silencing”

While Bayern Munich didn’t know what to do with the killer Mbappe / Neymar duo, City managed to put down the PSG stars. “This is their greatest achievement.”

“If you look at the game against Bayern, you can see that even the team with a lot of ball should allow some counters from PSG anyway. But City were able to limit that to one response, in the second minute after Rodri lost the ball.” Very strong performance. “

Should Paris Saint-Germain be written off from the second leg? “City score very few goals at home. I wouldn’t say it’s impossible, but it will be very difficult to score two goals there and not score yourself.”

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