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Farmers in Rotterdam are given space to green up - Vroege Vogels

Farmers in Rotterdam are given space to green up – Vroege Vogels


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© Rob Boetter

Natuurmonumenten and 23 other organizations received €10 million from the National Postcode Lottery to support green agriculture throughout Rotterdam. From producer to consumer, all links are addressed in the “Rotterdam to Farms” project.

Soil champions

One of the participating organizations is the Soil Heroes Foundation, run by arable farmers Melanie and Jeroen Klompe from Mijnscherienland. In their 300-hectare company, they try to green their production through regenerative agriculture. One tool they are trying to achieve this is so-called “biofertilisers”.

Melanie Klumbi with a preservation bottle

Melanie Klumbi with a preservation bottle

© Rob Boetter

Forest floor

“We ferment humus from deciduous forest soil for our biofertilizers,” Klompe says. “In the fall, when the fungi on the forest floor are most active, we remove an eight-inch-deep layer of humus from the soil, put it in sealed barrels and add some ‘mother culture.’ Then we let it ferment for a while.” If you apply it to the ground as fertilizer, The nutrients will be directly available to the plants. We also sample raw materials from or near our company. “In this way we want to close the cycle in nature.”

Shopping basket

“Through Rotterdam Farms, we get the opportunity to show that this works. In the meantime, we can show consumers from Rotterdam and the wider region that they can also help improve the environment of their city through their shopping basket. Greening.”


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