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Favorite. The United States and Japan are in the lead, but beware of the Netherlands and Great Britain

We are here. The women’s soccer tournament at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics kicks off on July 21 with excitement and is the first event to feature dance.. Competitions will follow each other until August 6 and 12 teams will compete for medals or Japan, Brazil, New Zealand, UK, Netherlands, Sweden, Canada, USA, Zambia, Australia, China, Chile.

The appearance of the German Olympic champion misses 12 selections, Did not qualify for the 2019 World Cup in France, including their status, the latest England list and players from all the federations in the UK.

The agreement between the above associations led to the formation of a British team based on England’s results in previous World Championships. An invention that unfortunately excluded Italy under Melina BertoliniIs close to qualifying for this tournament (elimination against the Netherlands in the quarterfinals of the 2019 World Cup).

Who are the favorites? Looking at the entry list, the reference to Japan and the United States comes almost naturally: on the one hand, there are home choices with high-tech players that can provide something extra within the walls of friendship; On the other hand, world champions who can boast of their best skills in the green rectangle.

But beware of the Netherlands and Great Britain. They established themselves on the world stage after winning the Orange Team, Vice-World Champion, Emerging Team and Continental titles. I look forward to the English as this list will bring together players from England, and there is no shortage of strong players using a strong English center.

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