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RSC Anderlecht takes a point against FC Antwerp in the absolute final stage

RSC Anderlecht takes a point against FC Antwerp in the absolute final stage

Anderlecht and Antwerp played in the Champions League tie. In the absolute final stage it became 2-2. After the match, there would be a lot of talk of a troubled second half. Both teams have yet to win the final round.

The game started quietly. There were two speedy yellow cards for Colin and Sick, but both teams waited. Antwerp may be the first to be dangerous. It hasn’t come to an opportunity yet, but The Great Old has shown he’s very active.

Anderlecht was also able to merge after that, but Purple & White was only sixteen. The defenses held sway for a long time. There wasn’t much to do until the 40th minute. Lukaku still had an excellent chance to score 0-1 before the first half ended, aiming for the goal.

After a lackluster first half, Anderlecht and Antwerp went to rest with an astonishing score.

the other half
The second half started beautifully for Antwerp. Mbukane grabbed the ball from Kubo and scored well over Verbruggen. 0-1. However, Anderlecht’s answer was not long. Larsen passed well, and Vierscharen got in. 1-1.

Shortly after the hour, a commotion prevailed. Mbukani completed an impressive attack from Antwerp, but the video assistant referee interfered due to the alleged intrusion. Antwerp never let it get to her heart. Shortly after the video assistant referee intervened, Mbukani had a good chance again, and Verbruggen saved a header.

Just before the 80th minute, he was there again without Mbukane. He punched at 1-2, but the video assistant referee whistled again. The third good time must have thought of Mbukane. After a penalty kick by Trippel, the striker kicked 1-2 into the net.

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Anderlecht didn’t come to a final attack for long, but Miyazaga equalized in the final second. A serious blow to Antwerp. KRC Genk is the winner of the weekend.

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