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Eindelijk duidelijke taal... om de stekker eruit te trekken: einde verhaal voor Hanne en Davy in ‘Blind getrouwd’

Finally clear language … To pull the plug: …

Han and Devi call it today but in some ways it’s friendship
Photo: vtm

It was already set to come a little bit but is now confirmed. Tonight Han and Davey decide that Blind Married’s experience ends here. They will not continue as husband and wife.

During the official moment of decision-making, they constructively and respectfully tell each other why the roads here should separate better.

“I see and understand why they match us,” Han said. “We both love traveling, music and the little things in life. But what is a factor that is very important to me, is very difficult for us.”

“We each have our own way of communicating and one is certainly not better than the other. But it has become very difficult for us to find a common way to communicate. I am a bold, cheerful, enthusiastic and optimistic person. Someone who loves to talk about what comes to my mind, but also needs in-depth conversations. As I advanced on the journey, I started to lose that person. That’s why I decided today to say “No.”

Dave also had some nice words ready for Hanne: “I want to start by thanking you for completing this course with me. I said“ Yes ”out of conviction. I was ready to discover the world, and take this adventure with you. But I fear we did not always understand or read each other. “.

It was believed that communication was a stumbling block before them. “Usually we had the same goal, but many times we didn’t get there. Often we didn’t say enough exactly what we wanted. I gave it all up until the last day and stayed until the last day. Surround yourself well with the same warm people. Call me if” You need that or if you want to walk. Bonn’s chance. “

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