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Find a home at a government mouth mask supplier

Find a home at a government mouth mask supplier

The court was invaded by a Luxembourg supplier who provided 15 million mouth masks to our country.

On Tuesday, a Brussels court ordered inspections at the Luxembourg company Avrox that supplied the Belgian state with 15 million mouth masks. In June, an investigation was already opened into the sale of the masks. The searches were coordinated by Eurogest and took place in different countries. According to the newspaper Evening, Which has reported online, has included home searches in Luxembourg. The Brussels Public Prosecutor’s Office confirmed the inspections, but did not want to give further details. According to the public prosecutor, this relates to the investigation of, among other things, document forgery, use of forged documents, fraud, money laundering, and obstruction of freedom of auction or registration.

The Wilmès government promised every Belgian a cloth mouth mask at the end of April 2020. The defense later issued a public tender. The contract was awarded to two companies, including Avrox.

Harmful in use

Several companies protested against this at the time. There were many questions about the company, including the experience it claimed it was able to provide. The company did not respond to our questions.

At the end of February it became known that Avrox masks Potentially harmful to health. Sciensano then advised, on the basis of an initial investigation by the Supreme Health Council (SHC), not to use masks anymore. Face masks contain nanoparticles of silver and titanium oxide. The SHC report has not ruled out the possibility of exceeding THCs during use.

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