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Former principal builder: “Signers Petition Hit Steen ... (Antwerp)

Former principal builder: “Signers Petition Hit Steen … (Antwerp)

According to former Flemish engineer Leo Van Broeck, the signatories of the petition against the new building at Het Steen in Antwerp are often followers, following “a number of howling monkeys receiving a lot of attention on social media”. The architect said this in “De Afspraak” on a Monday evening canvas.

vertical. Wanted: City Engineer for ‘den Aldi aan’ t Steen ‘

Van Broeck defended the extension and said the plan was the deserved winner in a government-organized competition for Het Steen. In fact, he himself also presented a design, but he freely admitted that he believed the Bruges noAarchitecten office concept was stronger.

Leo Van Bruck served as the Flemish Government Architect until June 1 last year, a position whose central mission is to “enhance the architectural quality of the built environment”.

The petition has now been signed “to cut koterij aan het Steen again without delay” more than 17,000 times. The initiator of the petition is Geert Billins, also known as the satirical character “The Fake Mayor” or “BDW”.

On Facebook, author Jeroen Olyslaegers was previously furious about the building: “We’re sitting with that trash, with Steenpeust the moth ate.”

Queen Elizabeth competition

Leo Van Broeck also argued that it is not a matter of beauty or not, but of building something “good” that performs various functions and creates added value for society.

Not everyone will ever agree on beauty. And you shouldn’t ask ordinary citizens like this: “I won’t occupy myself on the jury of the Queen Elizabeth contest. I know very little about music for that.”

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