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Fire at German ASML plant hits production parts for euvs – Computer – News

The fire at the German ASML plant where parts for lithographic machines are made could have consequences for the production of EUV machines. ASML says factory chip clamps EUV machines are manufactured and production has not yet resumed.

writes ASML That the company is currently looking at how to “minimize” the “potential impact” of buyers of EUV machines. The chip machine manufacturer refers to both the production and maintenance of new EUV machines.

It is not yet clear whether the fire will delay the delivery of the new EUV chip machines. ASML says it is still in the process of restoring the damaged production area at the plant and the full impact of the damage has not yet been assessed.

Specifically, ASML reports that the plant chip clamps euv machines are made and that the part in which they are produced from the factory is still standing. Wafer clips are the mechanical interfaces between the euv machine and the wafer and should provide precise nanometer accuracy without affecting the wafer. The manufacturer is still completing the recovery plan in the damaged part of the plant. Other parts of the plant are working again or are not affected.

The Dutch ASML is the only factory in the world that manufactures uv lithography machines for the production of chips with intense UV rays. Euv enables small operations and these machines are used by all major chip manufacturers, including TSMC, Samsung and Intel.

In 2020, ASML delivered a total of 35 EUV units. These machines cost more than one hundred million euros each. According to an earlier schedule, ASML had the capacity to deliver 55 EUVs by 2022. It remains to be seen whether this schedule will be compromised by the fire.

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ASML will release its quarterly figures on January 19, and therefore expects to be able to provide more information about the incident and its possible consequences. fire Earlier this week, at night from Sunday to Monday.

According to ASML, the fire will not affect the production of old lithographic machines. The plant is already making the parts used for this purpose and there has been a short downtime, but production has already resumed and ASML expects this to have no further consequences.

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