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Ryanair departs from 'expensive' Frankfurt Airport

Ryanair departs from ‘expensive’ Frankfurt Airport

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Ryanair is abandoning its base at Frankfurt Airport. The Irish airline, Europe’s biggest fare break, announced this on Friday.

source: Belgian

The reason for leaving Ryanair is the fares that Frankfurt Airport, the largest airport in Germany, charges for each takeoff and landing. According to the low-cost company, these are very high prices. “Instead of stimulating an air traffic recovery, Frankfurt decided to push fares even further, making Frankfurt uncompetitive compared to other European airports,” the statement read.

The five Ryanair aircraft stationed at Frankfurt Airport will be distributed to other airports by March 31. It’s not yet clear exactly which one this is, but it’s certainly about airports “which responded at lower rates to boost air traffic recovery,” she says.

Staff work elsewhere

Ryanair employees based in Frankfurt will have the opportunity to work elsewhere within the airline’s European network. Passengers whose flights have been canceled due to Ryanair’s departure from Frankfurt will be notified in the coming days and will receive a refund.

Ryanair also flies in the area to Frankfurt-Hahn, about 100 kilometers west of Frankfurt. This smaller airport declared bankruptcy in October.

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