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First day test of a policeman who died on the knee of George Floyd: New video footage is shown

A volunteer cleans George Floyd Square, where Floyd died in Minneapolis.Image AFP

On the first day of the session, the jury was shown video material never seen from a security camera in the store, where Floyd allegedly bought a pack of cigarettes with a counterfeit $ 20 note.

Witness Gina Scurry, who worked at the emergency center, saw these pictures during her transition. At first, she thought the statue was frozen because the officers had been on Floyd’s body for so long. “I don’t know if it is necessary,” Scurry said, he told the duty officer concerned.

Key evidence relied on by lawyer Keith Ellison was also shown: The video was made by the address of Tornella Frasier (17).


Suu Kyi (44) has been charged with murder or ‘accidental murder’, a very serious charge. If convicted of manslaughter, he could face up to four years in prison, while the second charge is usually eleven years.

Suu Kyi’s attorney argues that the case has nothing to do with racism or the neck clip. He said Floyd died of heart problems and the use of opiate fentanyl found in his body. Floyd has already been weakened by drug use and previous Govt-19 pollution, he said.

It would be very busy to convince the arbitral tribunal about this. Two coroners have already concluded that Floyd died of suffocation.

Suu Kyi’s attorney will show you footage of Floyd being arrested by police earlier. Again, according to Nelson, he refused to follow the agents’ instructions. No doubt Ellison and his team will argue that Suu Kyi has been reprimanded several times in the past.

Strictly protected

The case is being heard in the High Court in Minneapolis. Due to the corona, almost no one is allowed, but in public view, the process is broadcast live on TV.

The arbitrator with twelve members faces a difficult task. The pressure coming from the outside is enormous. This test is seen as a litmus test for the legal system. In previous violent incidents, police were often released.

To protect members, their names are kept confidential. Every day they are taken to court under police surveillance.

Since almost every American has heard of this case or has an opinion on it, the arbitration process took some effort. For example, approximately three hundred candidate jurors were given pictures of Floyd’s death and questionnaires about whether they participated in the protests.

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