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The old, politically important love affair continues to haunt British Prime Minister Johnson

The old, politically important love affair continues to haunt British Prime Minister Johnson

Boris Johnson at the Corona Virus press conference in London on March 29.Image AP

The issue has been widely reported in the press. Juicy details are embarrassing, but the question of whether he gave his mistress a business advantage during his tenure as mayor of London is politically dangerous.

The British Prime Minister’s relationship with American technology entrepreneur Jennifer Arcury was already known to be behind his wife, but its length is a surprise. Opposite Sunday In Daily Mirror, Left-wing sister newspapers, said her affair with 36-year-old Johnson spread during her second term as mayor from 2012 to 2016. He said he could not be stopped and kissed in public. When asked if he could make it a well-known mayor, he would have said so. ‘This is my city. This would be a concern. ‘

Macbeth pioneered

Arkuri said the two had sex before Johnson attended with members of the royal family at the start of the Paralympics. Also, they were almost caught when Johnson’s wife came home earlier than expected. The preface, for the most part, consisted of him reading William Shakespeare’s Macbeth. He responded to one of the erotic photos he texted, with the words, ‘This is enough for a bishop to kick a hole in a stained glass window,’ quoting Raymond Chandler’s book. Alexander the Great, he called the politician twenty years old.

But there is a politically important side to this case. In 2019, it was reported that Arguri’s company had received one and a half tons of tax money for a work related to cyber security. The former model may have had exclusive access to important people during business trips to Jerusalem, Singapore and New York, thanks to Johnson. Despite failing to report his involvement with Conservative Archery, the ethics panel ruled that Johnson was not acting criminally. Now a team from the City of London has not yet begun an in-depth investigation.

Johnson’s spokesman announced that he was cooperating, but it was not yet clear if he would be questioned. Arkuri, who helped Johnson with his election campaign in 2012, was disappointed by the sudden breakup and then seriously ignored him. His account is full of regular details. At their first meeting, he was late and confused and brought a bicycle helmet in his hair. He went to the bar, but quickly returned to borrow three pounds from her. Johnson, who later divorced and remarried soon after, never responded to the Arkuri issue.

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