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First 'Eternals' reviews: Does this Marvel movie also deliver?

First ‘Eternals’ reviews: Does this Marvel movie also deliver?

After the first online feedback, the first full reviews are now available eternity It came out online and seems to paint a slightly different picture than you’d expect. The reception seems a bit disappointing for the Marvel Studios movie.

The first reviews of the film appeared. Now on Rotten Tomatoes Bedouin-Director Chloe Chow. At the time of writing this report, eternity Right 74 percent On the scale of rotten tomatoes.

The Eternal: Complex Situations
“The weight of complex situations often dampens the Eternals’ energy a little bit more often. The movie is at its best when the focus is on Eternals getting back together, humor and passion as they fight for each other and the things they do and love,” According to YouTube reviewer Perri Nemiroff.

“The Eternals may not be the worst Marvel movie, but this one is arguably the most disappointing,”’s Nicholas Barber says:

“This is a film that raises questions on a large scale that we deal with every day. How do we deal with and understand differences? Why do we value humanity so much when people don’t often seem to value each other?” More positively, Oliver Jones told the Observer.

Sensitive depth and satisfying viewing experience
“Sensitive depth helps mask choppy stories in this new shade of MCU’s great story,” David Rooney wrote for The Hollywood Reporter.

“Eternal is certainly not lacking in ambition, but for now, thanks to its own success, Marvel is getting to heaven, but it’s not there yet,” It’s the opinion of Brian Lowry of

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In Justin Chang van Los Angeles Times: “You walk away with the frustrating realization that you just watched one of the most interesting films Marvel will ever make, and hopefully the least interesting Chloé Zhao will ever make.”

“Zhao is a skilled craftsman, and the Eternal, although very long (157 minutes? Really?), is a thoroughly enjoyable and satisfying viewing experience,” Owen Gleiberman reports from Variety.