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Where is the hairdresser's head?  Angelina Jolie makes fun...

Where is the hairdresser’s head? Angelina Jolie makes fun…


American actress Angelina Jolie, 48, was a guest in Rome on Sunday where she premiered her new Disney movie. everlastingattended s. She wore a long silver dress for the occasion and had her brown strands of hair hanging straight. However, this hairstyle raises questions, because fans see very clearly that she chose hair extensions. “Shoot the hairdresser,” it sounds like on social media.

Hanne Vandenweghe


With hair extensions, the goal is to extend your haircut with a strip of hair of the same color. Usually this transition is not visible, but the tape with additional threads is cut to form a bulky unit.

During the process, things went wrong for Angelina Jolie, who took her daughters Zahra and Shiloh to the event. After all, at the movie premiere, it was obvious on the red carpet that extensions were applied to her hair.

The hair was not cut or tangled with its own locks, but hung like a rug under the original ends. Brutal transmission, as if there were ramps in her coupe.

Many fans have noticed the beauty blunder and on social media are not kind to the hairstylist who did this job. Someone asks, “Who let her go out like that?” “Fire that barber,” pleads another.

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