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Foldable Google Pixel codenamed "Jumbojack" spotted on Android 12.1

Foldable Google Pixel codenamed “Jumbojack” spotted on Android 12.1

There have been rumors for years about the foldable Google Pixel. We don’t know much about the device, but the beta build of Android 12.1 shows that Google is already working on a foldable phone.

Read on after the announcement.

Android 12.1 reveals the foldable Pixel

Google is working on a foldable Pixel smartphone codenamed “Jumbojack”. . sources 9To5Google Finding details about the mysterious device in beta version of Android 12.1. Google is using the Jumbojack to test and fine-tune the latest version of Android with foldable screen smartphones.

The Jumbojack is said to have two screens and thus can be compared to Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3. Once the phone is folded, only a cover screen can be used. Since Google uses the phone as a test device, it’s possible that Jumbojack can only work to develop new software. So it is not certain whether the device will see daylight.

However, many times Google refers to the folding device as “Pixel”. This increases the chance that Google will actually release the device. Jumbojack next to it Not the only foldable phone Google tested. In 2020, a foldable phone codenamed Passport was leaked.

Google Pixel 6

Specifications are still unknown

At the time of writing, we only knew of one or more Google foldable phones out there. The design, chip used, screen size and all other specifications are not yet known. There is a good chance that Google will choose its own Tensor chip, which is also in scope Pixel 6 employment Pixel 6 Pro It can be found.

It looks like Google has big plans for its Pixel line. With a massive marketing campaign around the new Pixel 6 and possibly a foldable phone soon, Google has a chance to become one of the biggest players in the smartphone world.

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